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 An on-demand streaming platform brought to you by Islam21C. Over 300+ new transformational videos aimed at building a confident and impactful Muslim identity and bringing Muslims closer to Allah SWT. This project was borne out of lockdown but won’t end with it. More professionally produced video series are coming your way inshāAllāh.


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The story behind The Online Masjid

The world is in lockdown. The Masājid have all closed and it’s Ramadan. Our lives and the world as we know it have changed. Just 6 weeks ago, anticipating the challenges for Muslims ahead, Islam21c reacted by taking them head-on with this unique project.

What Challenges? 

With movement restricted, Ramadan upon us, and Masājid closed, many people suddenly find themselves with an abundance of free time and constant access to electronic screens and devices. This is resulting in a huge spike in use of social media, Netflix, YouTube, and more. This massive risk of wasting time = a potential disaster to both īmān and mental health.

Our Response

Our team have been working around the clock, engaging scholars and activists to produce, record, and edit over 20 brand new series made up of over 300 new videos. Not only that, but we’ve developed a brand new platform from scratch to bring you: The Online Masjid.


Here is What You Will Be Getting

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Īmān-boosting episodes that will transform your relationship with Allāh and – inshāAllāh – your life.

Available on multiple devices. Watch on-the-go or from the comfort of your own home.

No waiting. Access all new series as and when they are uploaded

Scholarly approved knowledge at your fingertips. No need to search for authentication

If you decide to continue your monthly fee will go directly towards Islam21c's on-going projects to empower the ummah. Reap the rewards of others attaining knowledge

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